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Who says human resources has to be boring?




Damir Vukoja




There was no website for Damir's clients to reach him, nor was there a friendly and accessible brand.


A new brand identity was needed for Damir that has a futuristic and robotic feel, as well as being friendly and accessible. 

To complement the new look, a comprehensive branding package was developed along with a new modern website.





I have to admit I am really positively impressed how the site came out to be! I can recommend 002 from brand design, logo design to website design and creation. When we fist kicked off the project of building my brand identity we started from scratch with me providing only some framework to 002 what I was looking for and prompt I was receiving first design examples and directions which I liked from beginning on.

Even though I was sitting in a completely different time zone, communication throughout the whole process was perfect. I got more than I expected, I can highly recommend! Thank you!

The brand showcases a cooperation between the synthetic AI world and the organic world of humans. 

In the center of the genderless humanoid is an incomplete circle, this represents the brain or the computing center of both the machine and person. 

Curious Blue, representing the synthetic robotic characteristics of AI and computing. Atlantis Green, being the organic and ecological nature of humans. 

These two colors work in harmony, borrowing elements from each other, one cannot function without the other, a perfect balance.




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